LiDAR data can be downloaded from Elevation - Foundation Spatial Data. The data set covers the ACT and Queanbeyan with a density of 8 points per metre square in city centres and 4 points per square metre across the rest of the area. The small square box over Black Mountain also comes as full wave form LIDAR data. LiDAR is classified to Level 3 and delivered in LAS 1.4 format. The LiDAR provide fit-for-purpose elevation data for use in applications related to coastal vulnerability assessment, natural resource management ( especially water and forests), transportation and urban planning. More information is available from the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate website Creative Common By Attribution 4.0 (Australian Capital Territory) Please read Data Terms and Conditions statement before data use.

Dataset Attributes

  • FID
  • Shape_Leng
    16000 to 396000
  • Shape_Area
  • Capture
    {"value"=>"8 points per meter square", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"8 point per meter square plus full wave-form data", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"4 points per meter sqaure", "count"=>1} ()


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