Strategic Bushfire Management Plan - Current Bushfire Prone AreasThe BPA map is a single risk-based map that defines the area of the ACT that has been assessed as being at high risk to life and property due to bushfires. Canberra’s built-up areas that are adjacent to forest and grassland are defined as BPAs, as is the ACT’s entire rural area. Identifying the at-risk areas on the BPA map has two principal purposes: It requires assessment to determine mandatory construction standards for buildings under the Australian Standards AS 3959 – Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas. Concurrent with the development of the SBMP, the ACT Government is considering arrangements to extend BPAs (for the purposes of AS 3959 assessments) to include part of the built-up area of CanberraIt provides the means by which people in the community can assess their personal level of risk and provide the basis for targeted The BPA map will be reviewed as required to reflect changes in land use and tenure, and will be approved by the Commissioner.IMPORTANT NOTICE: The ACT Government is providing this bushfire management map for information purposes only. This data is derived from the best available vegetation. The ACT Government cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of any data and information contained on this site as, among other reasons, there may have been changes to land use and vegetation since the map was produced. The ACT Government disclaims liability to any person who acts in reliance on the information provided on this site or contained within the reports or plans on it whether that liability is in negligence or on any other legal basis.Persons who would otherwise seek to rely on the data and information contained on this site should make their own inquiries and seek their own expert advice. BPA is already declared over the Rural Areas of the ACT for the purposes of AS 3959 assessment. Creative Common By Attribution 4.0 (Australian Capital Territory), Please read Data Terms and Conditions statement before  data use.

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    310.06 to 310.06
    {"value"=>"Bushfire Prone Lands ACT", "count"=>1939} ()
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