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All material published and/or delivered via ACT Government Geospatial Data Catalogue is copyright to the Australian Capital Territory. ACT Government utilises the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licences for all public data. Data from this site and associated websites must be acknowledged whenever it is used (but not in any way that suggests that ACT Government endorses you or your use of the data). Attribution is important, as it acknowledges your use of ACT Government Data and allows others to find and use the data from its original authoritative source. By using the data from this site, you agree to accept the Terms of Use and ACT Government Attribution Guidelines. If you do not accept these, you should stop using the Data immediately.

Open Government

The ACT Government is committed to open government and open data. The release of government data creates opportunities for innovative use and reuse of data, and allows the commercial, research and community sectors to add value. Releasing government data also assists government in making evidence-based policy and service delivery decisions, and supports increased citizen participation in government.

For more information about ACT Commitment to open government please follow this link.

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Email ACT Government: ACT Spatial Data.
To suggest a data set go to: https://www.data.act.gov.au/nominate

Terms of Use

  1. These terms apply to any use of the ACT Government data displayed on this website. You are advised to read these terms and conditions carefully. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, you must refrain from using the web site.

  2. The material available from actmapi.actgov.opendata.arcgis.com is distributed by the Australian Capital Territory as a general reference source.

  3. By accessing this material (whether by means of any robot, spider or other automatic device or agent, or any manual process) you are deemed to have accepted these terms of use. These terms of use apply in addition to any other specified terms (including licence

  4. The Australian Capital Territory makes this material available for information purposes only and on the understanding that users exercise their own skill and care with respect to its use. Before relying on the material in any important matter you should carefully evaluate the accuracy, completeness and relevance of the material for your purposes and should obtain appropriate professional advice relevant to your particular circumstances. The Australian Capital Territory makes no representation or warranty as to the currency, reliability, accuracy or completeness, merchantability, fitness for purpose or suitability to your needs of the material. You use and rely on the material wholly at your own risk.

  5. You waive and release the Australian Capital Territory to the full extent permitted by law from any and all claims relating to the usage of the material. Without limiting this general disclaimer, the Australian Capital Territory accepts no responsibility for any liability arising from or connected with any errors, omissions or inaccuracies or any lack of reliability, currency or completeness of the material or for any losses, damage, personal injury or death or any costs or expenses incurred as a result of your use of this material. In no event shall the Australian Capital Territory be liable for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from use of the material.

  6. Where there is any concern about the accuracy or currency of the material you should contact ACT Spatial Data.

  7. To the extent copyright subsists in this material, the terms of the stated licence also apply to your use of it. To the extent that copyright does not subsist in this material, if you share this material (including in any modified form) you agree to retain the identification of the Australian Capital Territory as the creator of the material, a notice that refers to these terms of use, including disclaimer and a URL or hyperlink to the material to the extent reasonably possible. You also agree to indicate if you modified the material and retain an indication of any previous modifications, and you must not to prevent recipients of any adapted version of this material from complying with these terms of use.

ACTMapi, the ACT Government's interactive mapping service that provides a convenient and fast way to analyse ACT spatial data. ACTmapi data is normally updated daily, and displays the most up to date cadastral information for the Australian Capital Territory.

Data ACT, an open data ini­ti­at­ive for the ACT community enabling individuals, businesses, journalists, NGOs and even the public sector to access, explore and build upon government data sets in new and innovative ways.

ACTMapi Download, provides other avenues to download ACT Spatial data.